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A comprehensive health enhancement and preventive medical service using latest medical knowledge, state of the art technology, diet, exercise and behavioural therapy

Healthy Start MD Weight Loss Program

HSMD provides a comprehensive approach to weight loss and the treatment of obesity. Our weight loss programs are based on the latest developments in the fields of nutrition, behavioral therapy, exercise, medical therapy, laser treatment, and stress control.

We treat each patient with an individualized approach and do a careful initial assessment that addresses each person's specific needs. Our specialized staff identifies and treats the hidden causes of obesity, such as slow metabolism, hormonal and nutritional imbalances, genetic factors, eating habits, lifestyle, and stress.

Our Protocol:

We evaluate each patient individually. Personalized programs are tailored specifically for your lifestyle, medical conditions, personal preferences, and dietary needs.

  • Body composition analysis (BCA), calculation of your BMI, target weight calculation - Comprehensive health history assessment and physical examination
  • Lifestyle, stress level, eating habits and exercise level analysis- laboratory blood work - all the information about you is taken into consideration and a comprehensive treatment plan can be recommended.
  • HSMD uses the latest evidence-based medical interventions to structure a plan that helps you take control of your weight.
  • The HSMD medical team of physicians, nurses, dietitians, and exercise physiologists will review the proposed treatment plan with you and provide you with a comprehensive personalized approach that meets your needs.

Education and Motivation:

  • We educate all participants on all aspects of weight loss and help them gain the skills required to successfully manage their weight for the rest of their lives.
  • Our treatment team creates and reviews a personalized web portal and tracking tools will be created for each individual.
  • Our medical team will also create each patient a long-term plan for follow up, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Program Details Steps of Success

Success Step 1: Medical Evaluation

To begin the program, we will perform a medical evaluation to determine if you have any medical issues that may interfere with your efforts to lose weight. Our physician will discuss treatment options with you based on the results of your medical evaluation.


Because your customized treatment plan is based on your physical assessment, metabolic tests, and laboratory results, you must be periodically reevaluated so that your physician can adjust your treatment plan as your medical conditions resolve and your weight decreases.


Success Step 2: Losing weight

In this stage you receive your treatment plan and begin the treatment program. As the HSMD program is based on your specific needs and your weight loss goals, the duration of the program varies for each of our patients.

After you begin your program, you must continue visit the clinic once a week so that our staff can monitor and evaluate your progress. We will ensure you are losing weight efficiently and safely as well as adjust your diet instructions and medical treatment as needed.


During the active weight loss stage:- You will receive behavioral and nutrition counseling, and our expert coaches will help you begin following an exercise regimen that works for your lifestyle and goals.

  • You will need to meet weekly - either individually or in a group setting - with our behavioral therapist. Our coaches will help you identify behavioral issues that may be preventing you from leading a healthy lifestyle. Each week, HSMD coaches will evaluate your weight and body composition and any recommended laboratory tests.
  • You are encouraged to log in to our web-based health portal on a daily basis. Log your daily diet, daily exercise, and ask our coaches any questions you have.
  • You will have the opportunity to regularly consult with our physicians about your concerns, questions, and progress.

Success Step 3: Transition

As we achieve your weight loss goals, the extent of your diet recommendations and medical therapy will gradually be reduced as you transition to a regular diet and conventional foods.

During this step, HSMD provide weekly nutrition counseling sessions designed to help you master the skills you need to maintain your weight loss for a lifetime. Our doctors will continue to monitor your progress and health throughout this step to ensure maximum safety.


Success Step 4: Ongoing Weight Management

Once you have achieved your weight loss goal, we recommend that you visit our clinic at least once a month for the next six months to participate in ongoing weight maintenance sessions.


During these sessions, HSMD coaches will continue to monitor your weight, dietary and exercise habits, and medical condition.


Because ongoing maintenance is the real challenge, you are invited to join our online community of successful Healthy Start MD patients. You'll regularly report your diet and exercise activity and interact with your health coaches. You can also visit our facilities for regular assessment.

The HSMD Weight Loss Center Difference

  • Physician-Supervised
  • Registered Dietitian/Exercise      Physiologist
  • Comprehensive Medical History      and Health Assessment
  • Healthy living & weight      management classes
  • Diet planning for weight loss
  • State-of-the-art web portal for      reports & interacting with coaches
  • Online Food and Exercise Diary
  • Personalized goal-setting and      tracking
  • Members receive live telephone
  • Support from doctor's office
  • Weight maintenance skills
  • Eating-Out Guide
  • Healthy living classes and support      groups

"Being overweight seems to ruin in my family. I tried what seemed like a dozen diet plans, including low-fat, low-calorie, and low-carb...what worked for other people wasn't working for me because I just didn't feel good while I was starving myself of calories and nutrition.

The Healthy Start MD program was amazing; I got a complete health workup and was educated on the right way to plan meals and lose weight. It was so motivating to use the web portal and track my health with my coach every week. I've lost 28 pounds so far and learned how to really live."

Mary Beth, 42

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