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Why Should Your Corporation Be an HSMD Participant?

  • Health First: Help your staff look and feel healthier through our robust fitness and wellness tools.
  • Early Disease Detection: Through our periodic health evaluation and screenings, we can detect serious medical problems early and treat them before they become more complex and impact your employees' productivity.
  • Cutting Your Health Care Costs: Improving your employee health demographics will significantly decrease your health, life, and disability insurances. Create your own personal profile on our secure website.


Personalized Service

  • Assess each employee's health risk and learn your whole staff's health risk and fitness level.
  • Configure the best exercise program, diet regimen and check-up testing for each employee.
  • Update your profile with your daily exercise, diet and fitness parameters.
  • Generate progress reports and see your recommended new goals.
  • Interact with our certified dietitian, exercise physiologist or MD to ask questions or get advice.


My Healthy Start Portal

The My Healthy Start Portal is a secure and personalized member-interactive website that is designed to help people make meaningful changes to their health. Not a one-size-fits-all website, the My Healthy Start portal uses each member's medical data to deliver the care plan best suited to each member's unique health situation.


Healthy Start MD uses personalized medical data to provide each member with a list of interventions that can make the greatest positive impact on his or her health. This list makes it easy for members to monitor their progress.


HSMD Program Overview

We offer a number of services that make our program the most comprehensive, research-based approach to prevention and wellness management.

  1. Friendly outreach to participants via email, direct mail, brochures, posters, etc.
  2. Participants can contact us online for their Health Evaluation.
  3. The HSMD program includes interactive health coaching and counseling.
  4. HSMD can perform on-site health screenings at the participant's workplace.
  5. We offer a comprehensive health assessment that includes a complete medical evaluation, biometric data, blood work and screening tests.
  6. All participants receive a health status analysis plus health and fitness goals and plans.
  7. Participants have access to the HSMD Health portal 24/7 to update their record with their daily activities and diet.
  8. Reports are sent to participants regularly with updates on their progress toward achieving their health goals.
  9. We actively engage all participants and empower them with the knowledge and mentoring they need to take charge of their own health.
  10. Employers receive a comprehensive analysis of their company's health status.


Corporate Health Program Highlights

On-Site Kickoff Sessions

Our Health Coaches start by conducting a series of on-site and online kickoff sessions to get your employees enrolled in the employee wellness program and ready to start improving their health.

Regular Email

Based on the concept of push rather than pull, we deliver a customized nutrition and exercise plan for each day of the year. We also provide tailored coping strategies for overcoming barriers.


Participants to earn incentives for sustained compliance and healthy achievement based on outcomes and compliances measured by the personal web profile.

Visual Progress Report

A private visual report shows the participants how they are transforming their health (and their appearance) one weigh-in at a time.

Health Points Tracker

A completely customizable system for encouraging participants to perform healthy activities. Monthly prizes can be given for achieving health targets.

Health Risk Assessment

Our online assessment combines biometric information with lifestyle information to create a personal health plan for each participant.

Team Challenge

Participants can form their own teams and compete with groups across the organization. Real-time team averages are tracked online for everyone to see.

Health Journal

Each week participants are prompted to track how well they are doing with respect to physical activity, healthy eating, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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