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Is My Chest Pain Angina ?


Chest pain is a common symptom affecting many people. Chest pain can have a number of causes, including heart disease.


Angina is chest pain resulting from decreased oxygen supply to the heart muscle. A common symptom of angina is a feeling of pressure beneath the breastbone. Some people experience additional symptoms, such as sensations of tightness, squeezing, burning, aching, heaviness or choking in the chest area.


Angina can also produce pain in the left shoulder radiating up to the neck and jaw, as well as pain in the inner part of the left arm that may travel down to the fingers.


If you have angina, it means that an inadequate supply of oxygen is reaching your heart - most likely because a blood clot or spasm of the coronary artery has narrowed (but not completely blocked) the artery.


Like a heart attack, angina is a medical emergency. In fact, it is a sign that a heart attack could occur soon. Call 911 immediately if you think your chest pains are angina. You’ll be taken to the hospital, where doctors can evaluate your chest pain.


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Last Updated October 27, 2011.

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