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Houston Corporate Wellness Program from Healthy Start MD

There is nothing more important to an efficient business than healthy and happy employees. Healthy Start MD provides a slew of preventive health services that are tailored to your corporation's needs. To learn more about how our Houston preventive health programs can bolster your workforce, please call 281-956-7070.

Corporate Health Program Benefits Both the Company and the Employees

Businesses, and particularly corporations are generally responsible for employees' health care. Healthy Start's preventive care in Houston can aid your company and your employees in the following ways:

  • Cuts Health Care Costs: One way of significantly reducing the cost of your health, life, and disability insurances is by improving the overall health of your employees. Healthy Start MD provides personalized preventive health services to employees so that they can learn how to eat right and live healthier, thereby improving one's health on the whole.
  • Early Disease Detection: Healthy Start's preventive health services allow our doctors to detect medical problems early so that the employee can be efficiently treated before the problem is exacerbated. Early detection and treatment avoids any loss in employee productivity.
  • Improve Productivity Through Improving Health: Our preventive health services go far beyond your average health screenings. We can improve your employees' overall health with dietary assistance, behavioral therapy, and fitness coaches. Healthy employees are productive employees!

Houston Corporate Wellness Program: The Specifics

Healthy Start MD has can provide preventive care in Houston that is personalized and catered to the specific needs of each employee. To understand the overall health of your entire staff, we first assess each employee's health risk and fitness level. Once we have gathered this information, our dietitians, exercise physiologists and doctors:

  • Design an exercise program and diet regimen for each employee
  • Perform routine check-ups for all employees
  • Generate progress reports so that you can keep up with your staff's health

To streamline this process, our corporate health program utilizes a secure and interactive website called My Healthy Start Portal. Employees create a profile that reports their medical history and data. These profiles provide up-to-date information about medical history, diets, and physical activity so that we can provide effective preventive health services. Employees can update their profile with daily exercise routines, diets, and fitness parameters so that we can adjust their preventive health programs accordingly.

Some of the services included in our Houston corporate wellness program that are provided via the My Healthy Start Portal are listed below.

  • Online health evaluations and health risk assessments
  • Interactive health coaching and counseling
  • Health status analysis
  • Creating health and fitness goals
  • Anytime update of health record and profile, including daily activities and diet
  • Regular visual progress reports sent directly to employees, that show new health updates and progress towards goals
  • Employers receive a comprehensive analytic report of their staff's health status.
  • Health points tracker

Healthy Start also provides the following preventive care in Houston upon request.

  • Onsite health screenings at the employee's workplace
  • Comprehensive health assessment that includes blood tests, biometric data, screening tests, and complete medical evaluations.
  • Mentoring that empowers employees with knowledge concerning taking charge of their own health

Corporate Health Program Perks

The main goal of our Houston corporate wellness program is to improve your staff's overall health. We believe that the best preventive health programs are those that keep close contact between the patient and the professionals. Healthy Start provides a variety of additional services that lend support to our preventive health tactics. Below are some of the supplementary services included in our corporate health program:

  • Onsite Kickoff Sessions: Our Health Coaches go to the workplace for an orientation and to enroll employees in the Houston corporate wellness program.
  • Routine Emails: To inspire preventive health, we electronically deliver customized nutrition tips, exercise plans, and coping strategies to our members.
  • Incentives: We reward members for improved health. For example, prizes can be won when an employee reaches a health target with the Health Points Tracker.
  • Team Challenge: Participants can form their own teams and compete with groups across the organization. Real-time team averages are tracked online for everyone to see.
  • Health Journal: Each week, participants are prompted to take control of their preventive health by evaluating their own progress with respect to healthy eating, exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to preventive care in Houston and corporate health programs, no one does it better than Healthy Start MD. So next time you are considering a Houston corporate wellness program for preventive health, go with Healthy Start MD. To speak with a knowledgeable and friendly member of our staff, please call our office at 281-956-7070.

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