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HSMD Corporate Stress Management Program

Why Stress Management?

Recent estimates suggest that job stress costs U. S. business more than $300 billion a year ($7500 per worker) in absenteeism, compensation claims, increased health insurance costs, and lowered productivity.

Even when workers shop up, a poor mental outlook or mounting stress takes its toll. A 2003 study defines "presenteeism" as the invisible loss when workers are at work but are unable to function to their potential. Ailments such as depression, fatigue, backaches, headaches, and stomach maladies cost employers more than $180 billion annually in lost productivity. As the president of one company puts it, "When a key manager is stressed out and frazzled, he isn't going to be productive even though he shows up for work every day."

Benefits of HSMD Stress Management Program:

Stress management training has been shown to have considerable benefits, both to individuals and to organizations. These benefits include:

  • Improved mood and performance. A variety of studies have shown that regular stress-management and relaxation improves mood, sleep, sexual performance, memory, and work performance.
  • Improved Health. As modern HMOs have discovered, stress-management is valuable both in prevention and the treatment of disease. A recent study of patients recovering from heart attacks suggests that relaxation can greatly speed up recovery time. One study of heart disease patients conducted at Duke University reports that stress-management training led to a 74% reduction in heart attacks or other cardiac events in a test group.
  • Strenthened Immune System. Regular stress-management reduces stress hormones in the blood stream and strengthens the body's ability to fight disease.
  • Cost Reduction and Productivity. Stress-management in organizations has been shown to reduce absenteesim, reduce health-care costs, increase job satisfaction, improve productivity, and increase company loyalty. Employees see stress-management training as something that will benefit them 24 hours a day, not just during work time.

HSMD Program Highlights:

  • Identify and evaluate possible stress risks to staff
  • Create an in-house stress management policy
  • Provide training courses to provide staff with strategies they can call on to limit and manage their stress
  • Individual counseling and Coaching

    Our stress management program is tailored to fit the needs of your company

    • HSMD teaches stress management techniques that will be part of the corporate culture
    • Practicing stress-management and relaxation techniques on a regular basis
    • HSMD programs integrate educational material, including videos
    • Teaching of proven and practical stress-management techniques
    • Self-assessment of stress-management skills competency
    • Exercises to develop a personal stress-management program

    Outcome of the HSMD Stress Management Program:

    After attending HSMD stress management programs employees should be able to:

    • Identify what they can control in a negative/stressful situation (reducing stress in their environment)
    • Become a positive contributor to the work environment and make them more valuable to the company (increasing company morale)
    • Resolve negative situations in a positive way with both fellow employees and external contacts (improving customer/employee relations)
    • Feel they have more control over their career (increasing employee initiative and stress free attitudes in the workplace)
    • Be aware of the tools that they need to achieve work/life balance (reducing anxiety)
    • Time-Management: Manage their time better-both at home and the workplace (more productive)


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